Every Breath You Take

As I grew up and into my thirties I sang in choirs where I learned to breathe for a specific purpose. Using my breath, controlling it, being conscious of it, became part of the action of singing.

Yet in all other parts of my life, I ignored my breathing. It just came and went as it would, without me being consciously aware of the magical process which keeps me alive.

It was easy to breathe and live in this way, without awareness that I was breathing. Easy because it happened automatically and easy because our breath and our emotions are connected. My habit of shallow breathing allowed me to live my life avoiding feeling anything too deeply.

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The Ten Habits of Luscious Lovers

Have you ever been in a relationship when something isn’t quite right?

I have.

At times, my lover and I would be strongly connected. Other days felt a little routine or that the well had run dry on things to talk about. Perhaps we were both generally uninspired with how and where the relationship was going.

If you’ve been there and know that feeling, all is not lost with your relationship.

But it is time to focus energy onto the relationship. Let’s take a look at the ten lasting habits of people who experience fulfilling intimate relationships.

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How I Learnt the Language of Love?

In my relationships, I’ve learned that the quality of communication between myself and my beloved is crucial.

Sometimes those lessons have been more painful than I want to remember – the things I have got wrong and the things I have not challenged. But that pain taught me something about communication. It taught me the power of intimate communication.

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What is Tantra?

I recently met Mike, and had my first ever experience with Tantra. Naturally I was apprehensive to begin with, but within minutes of meeting Mike I felt relaxed and at ease. I found Mike to be likeable, with a calming influence, and very knowledgable on all things Tantra. There is no doubt I will be going back to learn more about the art of Tantra. For those of you who are curious, and like me, have wanted to experience this then you won’t be disappointed, and you will have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

Chris, man looking to reawaken his mojo

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