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Someone asked me, “What is tantra?”

I thought for a moment, breathed deeply and started.

“Tantra is about expansion, connection, intimacy and expression.

“Tantra is learning to breathe and connect the energy in our body.  It is about accepting every part of ourselves, including our sexuality.

“It involves becoming aware of our feelings. Allowing them and expressing them to ourselves and to others. It involves exploring where we have come from and what that means for the way we want to live our lives.  It is about dropping our personalities and our stories  – the masks we wear to be safe in the world. Rather it is about living in the here and now. It involves allowing vulnerability and letting ourselves shine through that vulnerability so that those we meet can see us – the deep us which we rarely acknowledge or share.

“Tantra is about learning to live in our bodies, to move, to be conscious of how our movement is connected to our emotions. To dance, to walk, to move, to breathe – above all to breathe.

“It is about bringing our connection with ourselves to connection with others. Walking through the world with love in our hearts. Enjoying the pleasures which come our way, acknowledging the things which hurt us and accepting those too.

“Tantra is fun. It is about connecting with our bodies and emotions and bringing all of that to a partner or into our other close relationships.”

My Experience of Tantra

I found tantra originally around 15 years ago, through reading a book, “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” by Margot Anand, a French tantra teacher.  Over around 1o years, I thought of it. bought other books, talked about tantra occasionally.

And then, at a difficult time in my life, I had my first experience of tantra, through simple breath exercises and eye gazing. At last, I felt I had found a way to connect deeply to my sexuality and to like myself in that place. I signed up for workshops and it felt as if I had come home.  This was a place where I could be myself fully. And be accepted in all my messiness and strength and rawness and sexiness and difficulty.

I have continued to learn, to read, to experience, to share with friends and my partner the experience and joy of connection with myself and others.  I am now more able to be intimate, open, loving with all I meet. I have found a new sense of self and a joy in being. Come and breathe….

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What Are You Waiting For? Permission to Grow

What Are You Waiting For? Permission to Grow

In the British Navy, there has long been a rule that sailors can only serve clean-shaven or with a full beard. To move from clean-shaven to bearded required seeking “permission to grow” from the ship’s captain. After a reasonable time, if your beard had not fully grown, you could be told to shave it off again. It was somebody else’s decision.

When I started going to Tantra workshops, I was a novice, not only in relation to Tantra but also in relation to personal development. I thought that turning up was enough – that somehow by osmosis or magic, I would develop and grow as a person.

A Different Kind of Love Triangle

A Different Kind of Love Triangle

How do you know when you’re in the perfect relationship? What ticks the boxes? Would you recognise the perfect relationship if you had it?

Psychologist Robert Sternberg did. For a relationship to skyrocket in the best way possible, he believed that it needed to include three elements, in pretty much equal measures: Intimacy, Commitment and Passion, the points of the perfect love triangle.

Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence

This Christmas, how lovely it would be to give and receive the gift of presence.

At this time of year, many of us spend time with family or friends. And if not we have time with ourselves.

It is easy to allow ourselves to spend that time worrying about the future or musing over the past. This means that we are not paying attention to ourselves or to others in the moment.

Say what you Mean – Four Tips to Open Your Communication

Say what you Mean – Four Tips to Open Your Communication

We can all fall into bad habits in our communication with others, especially with those we are close to. I do it myself. I have a bad habit of finishing others’ sentences, which I am conscious of and guard against, not always successfully. We tailor the way that we speak to try to second-guess what the other wants.

Why? We fear their misunderstanding, their rejection if we get it wrong, that they will pull away.

This is an example of acting in ways that put a priority on the other’s experience rather than our own. It is our head getting in the way and telling us the old stories of how we should be if we want others to like us, rather than living our truth.

So, how do we change our patterns?

What’s Your Desire?

What’s Your Desire?

In order to receive the things that you want in sex, you need to be clear about your desires, express them and be ready to allow your partner to respond.

Many of us struggle to ask for what we want in our lives. This includes our sexual desires.

But sitting with unmet needs can be frustrating and stops you fulfilling your potential.

You can learn to ask for what you want.

Every Breath You Take

Every Breath You Take

As I grew up and into my thirties I sang in choirs where I learned to breathe for a specific purpose. Using my breath, controlling it, being conscious of it, became part of the action of singing.

Yet in all other parts of my life, I ignored my breathing. It just came and went as it would, without me being consciously aware of the magical process which keeps me alive.

It was easy to breathe and live in this way, without awareness that I was breathing. Easy because it happened automatically and easy because our breath and our emotions are connected. My habit of shallow breathing allowed me to live my life avoiding feeling anything too deeply.

The Ten Habits of Luscious Lovers

The Ten Habits of Luscious Lovers

Have you ever been in a relationship when something isn’t quite right?

I have.

At times, my lover and I would be strongly connected. Other days felt a little routine or that the well had run dry on things to talk about. Perhaps we were both generally uninspired with how and where the relationship was going.

If you’ve been there and know that feeling, all is not lost with your relationship.

But it is time to focus energy onto the relationship. Let’s take a look at the ten lasting habits of people who experience fulfilling intimate relationships.

How I Learnt the Language of Love?

How I Learnt the Language of Love?

In my relationships, I’ve learned that the quality of communication between myself and my beloved is crucial.

Sometimes those lessons have been more painful than I want to remember – the things I have got wrong and the things I have not challenged. But that pain taught me something about communication. It taught me the power of intimate communication.